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Bring user experience to the next level by engaging our certified consultants and design experts to design YOUR unique digital experience today. Maximise the potential of your initiative and achieve desired outcomes by going beyond intuition and guesswork.

Flex-Solver Design Ethos

Grounded in User-Experience Design our design team is driven to understand the
needs and desires of the customers. We utilise a collaborative approach to building
products, and we strive to make intuitive, easy-to-use, and enjoyable digital products
for all users through our triple C approach.

What we offer


By adding context to each project, we can tackle the challenges and needs that you are facing. We define the opportunities and limitations in relation to your business which will streamline the entire design and development process.


Our team is well versed in primary and secondary research methods. We conduct qualitative and quantitative user research that will help us to understand the best ways to design our product that offers a superior user experience.


The design team works closely with internal and external stakeholders to evaluate the business and its needs. We work closely to deep dive into the data collected to uncover the insights that are unique to each project.


We design, intuitive and functional digital products that are grounded in the user-experience (UX) of your audience's needs and wants. The interface and interactions drive these experiences through high quality digital designs.


We validate user needs through a range of physical and digital tools based on your requirements for effective testing. We verify our solutions at various stages of the prototyping process with our development and delivery team to ensure the alignment to your needs.

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