Flex Retail/F&B Hub

Take control, improve productivity and provide great service with an integrated inventory, delivery and schedule management.

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Why it matters

The rate of digitalization will only increase faster. You want to make full use of your technology investment to fully benefit your stores
instead of adding another piece of technology. From single store to multi brand or multi stores, our hub is meant to power your
business exactly the way that you need. With a deep experience in the industry, we partner to transform and scale.

What we offer


Customers demand more at their own convenience. We improve the ordering and operations so your staff can focus on building delightful experiences.

Connecting and rewarding them is one of the most effective way to leave a positive experience, giving customers the opportunity to return and refer to their friends and family.

eMenu and self ordering

Order, pay and collect
Integrate with website or in-store access only
Staff order management

Loyalty Program

Personalised communication
Integrate with your social channels
Find out what they love and recommend

Point of Sales

We help you keep track of every details so that you can focus on building your brand. Have full visibility and control of what is happening from item cost, invoicing and profitability to on-ground staff and POS management.

Smarter POS systems

Local proprietary in-house product with feature upgrades and improvements
Flexible and customisable that supports API integrations
Local operational support for your stores and business
Cost competitive industry grade durable hardware or tablet versions


Intuitive and smart platforms that allow you to sell online effectively.

Our dedicated Commerce teams have a range of bespoke and commercial off the shelf solutions to meet your business needs from implementing Content Management Systems, supporting Online-to-Offline (O2O) model, driving better cart conversions through UX testing or real-time inventory, product management and integration.


Enterprise grade CMS
Personalisation/Recommendation Engine
User Journey Design and Improvements
Backend system integrations

Supply Chain Management

In order to drive your business forward, we help you eliminate time consuming manual processes and focus on maximizing you and your staff's time and effort.

With data, you can now make better business decisions to improve your customer experience and offerings.

Supply Chain Management

Automation capabilities for inventory
Remove manual data entry processes
Build accurate inventory forecasting

Data analytics

Customer profiling and insights
Product and purchase patterns
Smarter marketing decisions

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