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We are a next gen Singaporean consultancy that focuses on both advising and building technology solutions that fit the needs of forward thinking companies and enterprises

Identify and implement the right technology
Improve operational and people value
Grow revenue with sales enablement tools
Make your data work for you

Flex HQ Enables

Smarter Retail/F&B Solutions

A central hub with digital ordering, inventory and operation control​​

  • Self ordering from online to e-menu and kiosks with integrated payment options​
  • Reduce waste, control margins and costs, increase customer loyalty​​
Point of Sales
QR Based Emenu
Inventory Management
Employee Management
E-Commerce Integration
Mobile Ordering
Business Process System Integration/Implementation

Struggling with getting the most out of all your technology products?
Are there multiple siloed functions within your organisation leading to inconsistent and invisible critical data?​
Looking to implement Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) but unsure of which options?​

  • Customised portal solution for Inventory, sales, billing and reconciliation management​
  • Identity management solution that powers your advertising and marketing personalisation​
  • Enterprise level systems according to what your business require, from marketing to resource planning
Automated Data Processing

We know reports can be a manual and time-consuming process. Move from reports to insights as you streamline key functions to reduce manual effort. Get accurate reliable information in real-time from sales data to customer cohorts and business operations​

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with role-based access control​
  • Smart matching algorithms to unify customer data​
  • Advanced analytics processing of large customer datasets, building recommendation and self-learning engines
Sales and Staff Enablement Products

Increase staff performance by effectively reviewing, managing and communicating with your team. ​
Find out what your customers really think about your product/service. Analyze and discover profitable segments

  • Check-in, scheduling and payroll management ​
  • Understand more about your customers with sales survey kit that collects feedback and sentiments​
Customer Engagement

From website, mobile app to loyalty programs and events, people want a personalised and timely experience. We help businesses connect with their target/existing customers in a seamless manner

  • CRM and loyalty platform integration/implementation​
  • Creating an exclusive and personalised event experience from registration, check-in to live event content without the need of an app​
  • Integrated marketplace development ( Group buy feature to back-end analytics and product/customer management)
Consulting Services (Grants/Technology)

Our certified consultants help clients to secure grants with up to 80% funding support. From workflow automations to business productivity improvements, we have the right package for you. Speak to our consultants to find out more!​

We are business ROI focused. Embarking on digital transformation? Looking to revamp legacy processes? Select and implement the right solution with our core framework and consulting process.​

Experienced teams who have worked with Refinitiv, Singtel, Dyson and otherforward thinking companies to drive better technology outcomes.

About Us

Flex-Solver is a subsidiary of Beyondsoft Corporation, a listed IT consulting and outsourcing corporation with more than 20 years of experience.

Flex-Solver is a proud member of North American Business Group (NABG). Being a Singapore-founded and Singapore-based IT company, we seek to develop and offer cost competitive & quality guaranteed retail solutions and resource planning system to help our clients enhance efficiency and productivity in their businesses.

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Flex-Solver is currently a pre-approved vendor under IMDA’s SME Go Digital Program. Our products and solutions have received awards and recognition from respected organisations.